Obtaining A Divorce Over The Internet Makes Good Financial Sense

It’s a rather new concept that you can go online and end your marriage. First, you should know that even if you file paperwork in your local courthouse, you don’t need an attorney to get divorced. It’s complexly legal, and you can prepare and submit the paperwork to the court without ever paying for an expensive attorney.

When you agree on everything, it’s called a dissolution and not divorce. Because you do not disagree on anything, there is no reason to bring in a third party and pay those absorbent costs. The most significant advantage of doing an online divorce is the cost.

Dollars and Sense

The average American lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Making it these days seems harder than ever. Many people live apart from their spouse for years before they can come up with the money to get a divorce. An online divorce saves a great deal of money, and it’s an excellent option for those who cannot afford an attorney and a long-drawn-out court battle.

Let's talk numbers. If you hire an attorney to file your divorce, then you may be looking a retainer alone that well exceeds $2,000. The average divorce costs $10,000 through $30,000 in total.

It's better to agree and go the more economical route. Online divorce forms make financial sense and can be obtained quickly.

Filling Out the Forms Effortlessly

Numerous online divorce services will fill out the paperwork for you. You don’t need to be knowledgeable about the legal aspects, and you don’t need to worry if the paperwork is being filled out correctly. Most websites use an interview style of questioning. These questions get the specific information that is required to fill in the blanks on the official petition.

If you have children and have an agreement on custody and alimony, you can still use online filing to settle these cases. It’s always better if both parents work together for the sake of the child. Instead of spending $20,000 towards a bitter battle in the courtroom, that money can be put in a savings account for college.

The questions on the online questionnaire will ask all about children and you can detail the agreement including a visitation schedule.

Honoring State Specific Guidelines

Once all the questions have been answered, the information is sent to a divorce service where the paperwork is drafted in the proper forms for your state. The most important part of filing an online divorce is getting the paperwork correct.

While you must follow federal guidelines, you must also follow your state mandates too.

Many people attempt to file paperwork pro se, or without an attorney. However, they often fill out the paperwork incorrectly. When the paperwork is not done right, it can cause lengthy delays and your case to be thrown out. Divorce forms must be done with complete accuracy, and they must also be done legally.

Once all the pertinent information is obtained, the preparation service will mail the forms for you to sign and have notarized. Make sure that you don’t sign the forms unless it’s in front of a notary as this is an essential part of the process.

A notary is an authorized agent of the state that verifies your signature. When filing an uncontested divorce, the court will look for the notary seal to make sure that you signed the documents legally.

Your Day in Court

Once you file your petition, you can receive a dissolution without ever going to court. However, there are a few cases where you will need to appear. If there are exceptional circumstances or the judge has questions on your situation, then they may call you in to speak to one or both parties.

Many people worry about being called in by the judge, and they would rather sign and move on with their life. In most instances, there is no reason to go to the courthouse. Doing your divorce online makes it easier for those who cannot take time off work and don't want to deal with the drama.

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