MyDivorcePapers screen shot has offering inexpensive do-it-yourself divorce paperwork for 15 years, making them one of the leaders in the online divorce industry. They cater to couples who want their dissolution to be over quickly and with no hassles.

To date, they have served over 1.2 million people. There is a simple quiz that you must complete to see if you are a match for their program, and most people who agree on everything will qualify.

There is no need to read forms and fumble through all the documents trying to get things right. This company has the expertise to help get things done fast and easy.

How It Works

Similar to other divorce services, MyDivorcePapers uses a three-step process. You sign up with an account that will give you access to a questionnaire that you must complete.

MyDivorcePapers guarantees that your paperwork will be legal and finished in under an hour. From the time you start filling out the survey until you receive the paperwork should be around an hour if you choose email delivery.

Their online system walks you through the entire process from start to finish. After everything is complete, you can either download the forms or have them mailed to you. You will need to sign them before they can be mailed to the court.

No matter what special circumstances you are facing, they have the appropriate documents for you to file. It all starts with the prequalification quiz, which is free, and it will take you under one minute to complete.

Customer Support

MyDivorcePapers can be reached by online chat, email or by phone.

Customer support is available from Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm, Pacific Standard Time via a toll free telephone number.

If you are having a specific problem with their system, you must submit a trouble ticket to get help. A trouble ticket can be submitted from their “contact us” page.

What Else Is Included

This company offers a 100% guarantee that all the paperwork will be accepted at your local courthouse. If there is a mistake in one of the documents, then you have 30 days to request a refund for that error.

Their blog is quite informative as well as all the extras included on their website. They have a substantial reference section for just about any topic someone might be experiencing in a divorce. You can subscribe to their services to get updates and blog information emailed to you monthly.

It’s also important to note the customer review section of their website. Unlike other sites that have just a few reviews, this company has thousands of 4 or 5-star ratings from customers to browse through.

MyDivorcePapers doesn't shield the good from the bad. However, there is a balanced mix that tends to showcase the positive nature of their service.

Also, their comments are all certified and legit. Transparency seems to be one of their strong points.


MyDivorcePapers only has one package and it costs $159. This package includes almost everything the average couple would need in a dissolution.

They accept all major credit cards and make things very affordable. It's a small price to pay to make sure things are done correctly.

Other Things to Know

MyDivorcePapers is not a law firm. They are unable to give legal advice on any divorce proceedings. Your paperwork is prepared based on the information provided in the questionnaire.

They cannot direct you in any way. They recommend using mediation, or an attorney should a problem arise where legal counsel is necessary. For those who have everything already figured out and just need the paperwork completed, this firm is a terrific option.

  • Paperwork Accuracy
  • Form Delivery
  • Platform Ease Of Use
  • Customer Service
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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