Founded in 2008 by attorney Charles Moore, Rocket Lawyer has built a stellar reputation for being a trusted platform that makes it easy to create and customize hundreds of accurate legal documents.

Rocket Lawyer originally focused on providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with fast access to ready-made legal forms – allowing them to focus on their businesses and not legalese. It has has since grown to offer legal documents and legal information for both individuals and businesses of all sizes.

From the day it was founded, it has always been the goal of Rocket Lawyer to provide as many people as possible with access to simple, customizable and affordable legal forms.

Rocket Lawyer maintains an active standing with the Better Business Bureau. They have been an accredited BBB organization from 2006 and presently have an A+ rating.

In addition to providing legal forms to resident of the United States, Rocket Lawyer is available in many other countries. These countries include United Kingdom, France, Spain and Netherlands.

At the time of this review, Rocket Lawyer has helped over 20 million people complete their legal documents since opening its doors in 2008.

Rocket Lawyer feature and benefits

Can I get all my divorce papers from Rocket Lawyer?

Yes, you absolutely can get all the papers you'll need to file for divorce from Rocket Lawyer. While Rocket Lawyer is not specifically a divorce service, they do offer everything you will need to successfully obtain accurate divorce papers online:

  • All required divorce papers (specific to your particular state)
  • A real attorney to review your documents before you file them
  • Customer support for post-purchase assistance (should you need it)
  • Optionally, if you're a premium member, you will receive a free 30 minute consultation over the telephone to discuss your divorce situation

Further, Rocket Lawyer offers many other different legal forms beyond just divorce documents. This includes last will and testaments, rental contracts, business LLC incorporations and trademark registrations to name a few.

Common divorce documents at Rocket Lawyer

How to customize legal forms using Rocket Lawyer

Similar to an online divorce service, Rocket Lawyer has developed an easy-to-use self-guided system that follows a simple three step process for customizing, downloading and printing your legal forms.

Step 1: Choose your legal document

The first step in the process is to select the document(s) you wish to create. For a divorce, these documents would include at a minimum: a Divorce Settlement Agreement and a Marriage Separation Agreement. If you have a child, you will also need a Child Care Authorization form.

Upon selecting the legal form you wish to create, you will move onto the next step.

Rocket Lawyer Divorce Settlement Agreement

Step 2: Provide required information

In the second step you will be prompted with questions pertaining to the selected legal document. You will need to answer these questions in order for the document to be created.

A progress meter indicates how many of the questions you have answered. You can freely move between questions and go back to answer previous questions at a later date and time (it saves your answers in between sessions).

Step 3: Save, download and print your legal document(s)

Upon entering in the required information, the legal document will be instantly created and formatted properly with the information you supplied.

Rocket Lawyer makes it easy for you to make unlimited revisions and edits to your legal documents. Once satisfied, you can immediately save, share, download and print the completed legal form. From there, all you will need to do is sign the forms and file them with your state court.

If you are a premium member, this is where Rocket Lawyer would have an attorney review your final documents for accuracy and completeness. This ensures that upon filing your documents with the state, they are correct and ready for court approval.

3 Steps to get legal forms from Rocket Lawyer

Accessing your secure Rocket Lawyer account

Rocket Lawyer makes is easy for you to access to your account from a wide array of devices. However, before you can begin creating your divorce forms, you will first need to create an account with Rocket Lawyer.

Create a secure password protected account

Creating an account is safe and secure using the Rocket Lawyer website. To create your free account, you will need to click the “sign up” link (located in the top right hand corner of the website). Once clicked, you will be prompted to supply a username and password.

That's all there is to it. Personal information, such as your name and address, can be filled in later. Same goes for billing details, should you decide to purchase any legal forms or try the premium membership subscription service.

Compatibility for computers and laptops (PCs and Macs)

Rocket Lawyer has spent close to a decade perfecting their platform and making it easier to use. You are not required to download or install any software. The entire document creation process takes place from within your web browser. PCs and Macs are equally supported.

Apps for smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android only)

If preferred, you can access your account and create/modify/sign your documents from native apps Rocket Lawyer has developed. Presently, Rocket Lawyer has mobile apps for both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. These apps can be downloaded from their respective app stores.

Rocket Lawyer is compatible with windows, macs and mobile devices

Protection of your private and sensitive information

Rocket Lawyer understands that securing your sensitive information is top priority. Because of this, Rocket Lawyer has implemented industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption on all communications that take place their website.

With respect to securing your private information Rocket Lawyer has designed and implemented various policies/controls to completely safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal and sensitive information.

As an added measure, Rocket Lawyer's website is secured by McAfee. Adorning the McAfee secure site badge, the Rocket Lawyer website is scanned and certified daily to be free of vulnerabilities.

Rocket Lawyer website is safe and secure

What is the cost of legal forms from Rocket Lawyer?

The cost of legal forms from Rocket Lawyer can vary depending on how you purchase them. To expand upon that, Rocket Lawyer offers two very distinct ways to purchase legal forms on their website:

  • you can purchase each legal form you will need for your divorce a-la-carte
  • or, you can join their monthly premium membership service where you can get access to every legal form for a flat rate fee (no commitment and you can cancel anytime from within your account)

I explore the differences between the a-la-cart and premium membership membership service below.

Purchase legal forms a-la-carte for $39.99 each

Rocket Lawyer charges $39.99 for each individual legal form on their website. Depending on the specifics of your divorce, the total number of documents will vary. For example, if you have children, you will need to purchase forms to cover child support and custody.

For all the documents you would need to file for divorce, the total cost of documents would generally be around $200-$300.

Premium membership for $40 per month (best value)

Rather than purchasing your divorce forms a-la-carte which can become expensive, Rocket Lawyer offers what they call a “premium membership” for $40 per month. This premium service comes with numerous additional features and benefits:

Unlimited access to every legal form on their website

The Rocket Lawyer premium monthly service grants you unlimited access to every legal form on their website. This includes every form you would need to file for divorce.

On-demand access to lawyers

With every premium subscription, Rocket Lawyer provides on-demand access to fully licensed lawyers. These lawyers are available during business hours to answer any legal questions you may have. Communication with lawyers is over a toll free telephone number.

30 minutes of free consultation on new legal matters

Every premium member gets a free 30 minute consultation on new legal matters. During this half hour consultation, you can ask specific questions pertaining to your divorce.

Access to DocumentDefense

This service will put you in direct contact with one of their in-house attorneys that will personally review your legal situation and help you enforce your contracts. You can also have an attorney respond to matters on your behalf.

Significant savings on their On-Call attorneys

If you have a complex legal matter that requires the counsel of an attorney, Rocket Lawyer offers premium members up to 40% savings on the hourly cost for one of their attorneys.

Rocket Lawyer offers a 7-Day free trial (limited time)

Rocket Lawyer offers a seven-day free trial of their premium membership subscription service. During this seven day period, you can utilize features specific to a premium member (as outlined above).

A few things to keep in mind about the RocketLawyer 7-day free trial:

A credit card is required to begin your trial

It should be noted that to take advantage of this free trial you will need to provide your credit card details when signing up.

Free trial does not include 30 minute legal consultation

The seven-day trial is fully featured, however, you will not receive a 30 minute legal consultation to discuss your divorce situation. This benefit will become available should you upgrade your account from a trial account to an active account.

You're not locked into any long term contacts or commitments

Rocket Lawyer charges $40 per month for their premium subscription service. You are billed once per month. You are not locked into long term contracts. From within your account, you can adjust your billing information and cancel your subscription at any time.

You can cancel from within your account (no need to call support)

For purposes of this review, I signed up for the 7-day free trial at Rocket Lawyer using my credit card. On the last day of my free trial period, I simply logged into my account, clicked “Account Settings” and canceled the subscription from there on my own. I did not have to contact a customer support representative or jump through any hoops.

Toll free customer support is available (Mon-Fri between 6am-6pm PT)

Rocket Lawyer offers customer support over a toll free telephone number. Phone support is available Monday through Friday 6am-6pm PT.

Rocket Lawyer attorneys

What are the differences between Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom?

It is often asked what the differences are between Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom – given that both of these services offer customizable legal forms to individuals and small businesses. Having reviewed both of these services, I would say it comes down to price. As discussed in my LegalZoom divorce review, the cost of LegalZoom services are significantly higher.

Rocket Lawyer, through its premium member subscription service, provides you with unlimited access to every legal form on their platform for $40/mo. Not only that but you have access to real lawyers who can help you with your forms.

Contrast this to LegalZoom where you could pay hundreds of dollars for a single legal form and access to lawyers is generally not included (or comes with an additional fee which can be significant in cost).

Closing thoughts

Rocket Lawyer is an impressive service with a lot of value in the premium membership service. Being able to access and customize hundreds of legal forms for a flat rate fee of $40/month is very cheap. Combined with your ability to communicate with attorneys to answer any questions you may have, it is a significant money saver.

While I did not file for divorce using Rocket Lawyer (I used 3StepDivorce to end my second marriage), I have used Rocket Lawyer for other legal forms in the past – documents such as a Last Will and Testament, Bill of Sale, non disclosure agreements and rental contracts. Having personal experience with this company, I can attest they are legit and offer what they say they offer.

As long as you don't mind managing your divorce process (in terms of document assembly), Rocket Lawyer is a solid alternative to other all-inclusive online divorce services I have reviewed on this website.

Rocket Lawyer
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