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Many people don’t want to go through the costly channels to file for divorce. So they look for alternatives to make the process go quicker and cost less, and one such option is Wevorce.

Wevorce was founded by Michelle Crosby who serves as their acting CFO. As the victim of a broken system and a divorce survivor, her goal was to create a site that allowed people to get a dissolution without finger pointing and all the harsh things that occur in a courtroom.

Wevorce uses a family-centered approach that keeps the children out of the courtroom. The owner, Michelle Crosby, was pulled into the middle of her parents' divorce. She remembers the horror of being on the stand and feeling like she had to take sides. Her goal is to ensure that no one ever needs to feel or experience what she did that day.

With help of Wevorce, the average marriage can be ended in 30 days.

Overview of Wevorce. How does it work?

Wevorce is an online company that has an army of divorce professionals eager to assist. These experts can be reached by phone, email or through online chat. The experts are not lawyers, but their staff members have filed thousands of divorce petitions using the information given to them by clients.

There are a couple of options including one where you use a self-guided system and another where the professionals do all the work. The second option is costlier.

If both couples are in complete agreement for the distribution of assets, the division of debt, and childcare arrangements, then using their self-guided service is more practical.

How it works

Wevorce has a three-step process. In the first step, you answer guided questions that are necessary to fill out the paperwork. These questions include things like:

  • How much money is in your bank?
  • Do you own a home?

All the information obtained during this section is used to complete the court documents. The program allows you to go at your own pace. You won’t have to finish it all in one night or struggle to get everything done right now. You can fill it out section-by-section as you have the time.

Once all the questions have been answered, the papers are created for your divorce petition. The experts complete the paperwork based on the questions answered and other criteria.

First, they get the specific forms that you need for your court, and they also ensure that your information is complete. They go over these papers with precision to ensure that nothing will be kicked back by the courts. Once this process is complete, you will receive an email with the documents.

The final steps are to file the documents at your local courthouse. Once the papers are ready, you will receive an email with the filing instructions. You can call the customer service team for help during any step of the process.

The reviews on the customer service department are favorable, and it seems it’s always easy to find someone to help. Your final package will include the following documents:

  • The Marriage Settlement Agreement
  • Child-Related Sheets (Parenting Agreement)
  • Reports for Child Support
  • Paperwork to Change the Legal Name for the Wife
  • Spousal Support Agreement

Even after the divorce petition is delivered, the team doesn’t leave you hanging. They continue to stay in contact with you until the proceedings are finalized.

Customer Support

Wevorce offers three methods of communication for customer support. These are outlined as follows:

E-Mail support

The customer support team can be reached by e-mail or on the phone at 1-855-WEVORCE.

Telephone (toll free) support

They are open Monday through Friday from 9 am till 6 pm, Mountain Standard Time.

Live chat support

When inquiring for help on the website, you will be directed to a chat to see if they can help. Chat is the company's favored option for contact.

What Else Is Included

The company website is well laid out and has plenty of resources for those going through a divorce. For instance, their blog is very informative about the entire process and also covers emotional aspects and things to help get through a dissolution.

Other valuable tools are the child support calculator and the divorce quiz. These extra tools are beneficial to help those who are on the fence about whether this program and divorce is the right move.

Customer reviews and ratings

Browsing around the internet, I was able to find positive reviews of Wevorce. These are a couple that stood out to me:


The primary option is $949 for a complete package where you do the guided questions. This price is per couple. However, for those who don't want to use the online system and prefer to have a professional give more input, then there is an hourly fee of $199.

They don't put the prices for this on their website, and the information on having a professional draft the documents are received by calling and speaking to them directly.

Other Things To Know

The company offers a full money back guarantee. You have 30 days to submit your dispute to get your money back. This offer puts Wevorce ahead of some of their competitors who don’t offer such an assurance.

Filing for divorce online is not an option for those who want to fight-it-out in court. Preferably, these are methods reserved for people who are in complete agreement and don’t want to have the long and drawn-out court battle.

Wevorce receives favorable reviews from previous customers in many areas, specifically their professionalism and customer service.

Closing thoughts

Wevorce offers simple solutions that allows parents to focus on their children rather than the drama of a courtroom battle. An online divorce filing with Wevorce is an excellent and cost-effective option.

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